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DEUTZ Service Portal

The new DEUTZ Service Portal offers garages and users of DEUTZ engines a wide range of online services in one convenient platform. 

Parts Shop
The parts shop allows customers to purchase genuine spare parts and accessories for DEUTZ engines fast and safely online.  Its immense advantage compared to regular web shops:  the system has direct access to the complete DEUTZ engine documentation, enabling it to display the right parts list for each individual engine.

Engine Registration
Register your DEUTZ engines to gain access to additional content and functions: Digital engine documents for download, simplified navigation through the shop, and the submission of motor-specific service requests directly to the service partner.

Info Center
The Info Center offers fast access to a wide range of information and documents for DEUTZ engines and service products – from operating manuals to safety data sheets for DEUTZ operating materials.

Currently the service portal is available to customers in the following countries in Asia:

  • Singapore

In other Asian countries, our parts shop DEUTZ P@rts is available until the portal has been introduced.

Experience the new DEUTZ Service at!