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Tried, tested and proven.

DEUTZ engine oils are used on the test benches for the development of DEUTZ engines - there can be no better guarantee that these lubricants are a perfect fit for your engine! The use of DEUTZ engine oils is essential for reducing wear and increasing the engine´s reliability. That is why we recommend the exclusive use of DEUTZ oils for all DEUTZ engines.

The DEUTZ Oil product portfolio exceeds all requirements (ACEA and API) – this way we can offer the optimal choice for each application:

  • Wide range of viscosity for all climate conditions
  • DQC quality-classes for any given engine application and load
  • Open and closed crankcase ventilation
  • Lube oils for engines with exhaust after-treatment systems 

Product features 

  • High level of protection against wear and corrosion, even when using diesel fuels with high sulphur content
  • Safe protection against deposits, sludge and sticking
  • Outstanding thermal stability on the basis of low-volatility base oils
  • Extremely low oil and fuel consumption
  • Reduced cold-wear behavior and fast engine permeationProtects the sensitive exhaust after-treatment components, e.g. diesel particulate filter and SCR-catalyst
Product portfolio
DQC4 5W30 UHP (DQC IV - 10) Full-synthetic premium-performance engine oil especially for closed crankcase ventilation systems.
TLS 15W40 D (DQC II - 10) Super high-performance diesel engine oil for supercharged diesel engines.
TLX 10W40 FE (DQC III - 10) Ultra High-Performance Diesel engine oil made from HC-synthesis base oils for highest loads.
Rodon 10W40 Low SAPS (DQV IV - 10 LA) Semi-synthetic high-performance engine oil for the latest DEUTZ engine generation with exhaust after-treatment.

DEUTZ Quality Class

Release procedures for lubricating oils according to the DEUTZ Oil release system DQC (DEUTZ Quality Class) can be found here.

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