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Corporate philosophy


DEUTZ builds the most advanced drive systems for professionals, providing outstanding performance to shape the world.


Through pioneering spirit and innovation, DEUTZ shaped the industrial revolution. Now, we are driving the next revolution – delivering efficiency, performance and sustainability for our customers.

For more than 150 years innovations have characterised the company history of DEUTZ, that‘s only natural since developing forward-looking technologies is our passion.

Innovative companies determine the technological standards for the future and provide the impetus for progress. They arouse their employees‘ enthusiasm and willingness for change and consequently  already lay the foundation today for the ideas of tomorrow.

Innovations mean renewal. They make profitable growth possible and act as the convincing argument for the investors.

These days, the pursuit of innovation is one of the basic values which directs our daily work. Along with that, we focus both on our products and services, which we are continuously developing further, as well as on our processes and our organisation, which are also subject to continuous improvement.

Working in close co-operation with our customers and suppliers, those workable and lasting solutions emerge which bring us closer to our vision step by step.

The DEUTZ brand has always been linked to quality. Quality according to our understanding means getting something right at the right time instead of eliminating faults afterwards.

For us, quality is the fulfilment of defined requirements for products, services and processes in the sense of a comprehensive quality management. This “Total Quality Management (TQM)” doesn‘t stop at our company gates, on the contrary we are also intensively involved with the quality of our suppliers and sales partners.

Thus the proverbial DEUTZ quality is for us one of the most important factors in winning new customers and strengthening customer loyalty.

Success is our engine. Quality, leadership in technology and in the market and last but not least enduring, sustainable profitability are the goals we are striving towards.

One thing, we discovered right away: success of our customers is our success, and our success is measured by the success of our employees.

Therefore we encourage our employees to be successful, by a thorough education and training programme, as well as by lean and highly efficient processes.

Ultimately success is the best motivator for our employees, suppliers, customers and investors and secures our future as an independent provider of engine systems.

Trust is the basis for each and every business relationship. Our customers must place their trust in us just as our investors do.

That’s why we are striving hard: to safeguard the reliability of our products, the consistency of our processes, and our company’s sustainability for the future, as well as to improve ourselves.

In order to succeed in all these points, we also have to place our trust: in the regulatory framework of our business, in the quality of our suppliers and in our employees’ competence and sense of responsibility.

Trust doesn‘t mean to leave it to chance, but rather to continue to research, to examine and to question until the risks are calculable.

We take responsibility: for our decisions, for our transactions, for our products and services – towards our customers and investors, towards our environment and towards the society in which we live.

Taking responsibility means for each one of us to anticipate the conseq uences of our own actions, to preserve resources, as far as possible, and to observe the laws and guidelines, since compliance is not a buzzword for us – it is the guiding principle for our daily business.

However, responsibility also means that we require responsibility from all of those who work for or with us – our sales partners just as well as our suppliers.