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DEUTZ engines: Now with greater in-line power and performance!

DEUTZ is expanding the top range of its portfolio with four new serial engines. With the TCD 9.0 four-cylinder and the new TCD 12.0 / 13.5 and 18.0 six-cylinder, our engine performance has reached a new high of up to 620 kW.

From 2019, DEUTZ will be capitalizing on its strong in-line engines. Just in time for EU Stage V, four new drive units will be launching in the market, giving our customers a whole new world of possibilities in the range of 200 to 620 kW. At the moment, the most powerful DEUTZ in-line engine is the TCD 7.8 with 250 kW. The four new models will continue with where the TCD 7.8 left off. These engines come with a maximum output power of 300 kW (TCD 9.0), 400 kW (TCD 12.0), 450 kW (TCD 13.5) and 620 kW (TCD 18.0), making them the engine of choice for heavy-duty construction and agricultural machinery. Their torques are 1.700 / 2.500 / 2.800 and an impressive 3.600 Nm, respectively.

The well-known DEUTZ V-engines TCD 12.0 V and 16.0 V (available with six or eight cylinders each) will remain as part of the product portfolio as special applications, in line with the design of their structure. These applications include pushback tractors at airports, a segment in which DEUTZ is the market leader for drive technology. Adding to this accolade, its V-engines are also established as the benchmark in technical design.

The achievements of these four new in-line engines are the result of a partnership with the construction machine manufacturer, Liebherr, since August 2017. DEUTZ holds the worldwide distribution and service rights for its products in various applications. The engines will be integrated into the existing DEUTZ TCD product portfolio seamlessly. Engine documentation will be available from DEUTZ’s SerPic database and customers have access to all services including the supply of quality spare parts.

Introducing for the first time, the new TCD 9.0/ 12.0 and 13.5 in-line engines will form a new concept of a “family platform” as approximately 65 per cent of their components are the same, making the order and storage of spare parts particularly efficient. These engines also share a common customer interface and an identical front and back design. This simplifies the integration and maintenance of these engines considerably, saving training costs for service professionals.

All four engines are developed using high technology blueprint. Their components include cross-flow cylinder heads, a down-speeding function for reducing fuel consumption and operating noise, and a common-rail system with an injection pressure of 2,200 bar. At the belt and the flywheel, a power transfer of up to 100 per cent is possible. And thanks to dynamic equalizing weights, the TCD 9.0 four-cylinder is just as quiet as the larger six-cylinder models. Overall, customers can benefit from a range of flexible all-round engines with a modern, compact design, developed especially for heavy-load off-highway use.

DEUTZ utilizes its extensive application expertise to help buyers integrate the engines into their machines. The four new engines with a cubic capacity of 9–18 liters are developed for the EU emission level Stage V, US Tier 4, China IV and EU Stage IIIA and comply with all exhaust gas regulations that will take effect in the near future. Serial production is scheduled to start in 2019, just in time for the new EU Stage V emission regulations.