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Desmond brings DEUTZ knowledge to the field

Before joining DEUTZ two years ago, Desmond Ho was a trainer at Caterpillar for 11 years and brings with him a wealth of engine experience.

Together with his team, he is responsible for the Technical Service Support for Dealers and OEMs – encompassing maintenance, trouble shooting, technical training of engines, and handling and communicating with customers to improve service.

For the past few months, Desmond visited many Dealers in Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia and welcomed many others from the region in the Singapore training center.

Training sites range from comfortable classrooms to mines a thousand feet below sea level. Since training is often carried out in the field where the machines are running, those involved may be hindered by climate and room conditions.

Just recently, Desmond was in Vietnam to provide training for the Vietnam International Airlines Ground Support Team (VIAGS) on EMR2 and EMR3. The Airport Operations had to ensure that they could maintain readiness since it has been experiencing growth in the last couple of years. During the two-day training, Desmond provided the 14 participants with updates on the use of engine electronics and troubleshooting guidelines. The programme was well-received and benefitted the team as a whole.

Desmond enjoys working for DEUTZ. He shares, “As a principle, I am able to help customers and Dealers. It’s so interesting to see where the engines are being used, and to make sure that quality is ensured in the very end.” To Desmond, one of the best parts of his job is sharing best practices and communicating with the users of engines and machines. “Machines cannot talk, so we are the link between the machines and the people using them.”